Live Online Masterclasses

With Julie Martin every Friday on Zoom. Free with premium membership.

Mentoring & Coaching Programme

A six month programme to INFORM, INSPIRE & EMPOWER

Teach from an embodied and empowered space and inspire your students.

Receive guidance for:

  • Developing your own practice & teachings
  • Integrate skills into your teacher training program – setting up
  • Studio Owners: mentoring for running their studio
  • Refine your Retreats / workshops content
  • Find confidence to teach what you believe in

This 6 month programme is designed to help teachers evolve their classes and teaching, and find more confidence in their skills, staying true to what they want to deliver. This is also a great resource for those wanting to develop other skills around teaching yoga, running a school or teacher training programme. Learn how to promote yourself in the yoga world and remain authentic to your message and more.

6 Month Mentoring & Coaching Programme with Julie Martin

What To Expect


Months 1 – 3

The first 3 months will involve personal mentoring and focused attention – together we will design a programme based on your individual needs in mind. You start the program with an initial Skype meeting where you figure out together (based on your initial intake form) which area you want to focus on.

During the 3 months you will get 6 x 1 hour sessions with Julie Martin. You will get assignments to complete within a certain time frame and you will have email support from Julie the whole duration of this program.

You also get 6 months access to our library of online material. These videos include lectures, sequences and inspirational tidbits from Julie Martin. Most of the content has been filmed during advanced teachers courses or Level 2 Teacher Training programmes. They take you through the process of understanding how to sequence and how to layer movement. This content invites an embodied practice as opposed to a shape based practice. You will learn how to integrate new language skills and how to translate anatomical knowledge into your movement practice – Understanding current information on fascia and other anatomical structures and how they work within a movement practice.

Together we will identify your personal roadblocks and set in place practices and tools to overcome them.  

  • Initial assessment and intake to identify personal goals/needs
  • 6 x 1 hour Skype sessions with Julie
  • Full Access to all videos and resources on this website (over 36 hours of content and counting)
  • Personalised assignments, tasks and challenges to help you grow and evolve
  • Accountability and email support



Months 3 – 6

During the second 3 months you will continue to have access to all online content and continue your journey with the new information.  During this time you will have “follow-up” calls with Julie via Skype so that you still have support in the evolving process. These will be 1 x per month for this second phase.   Julie may also continue to set homework or tasks to help guide you in the right direction.

  • 3 x 1 hour follow up Skype sessions with Julie (1x per month)
  • Continued Access to all videos and resources on this website
  • Personalised assignments, tasks and challenges to help you grow and evolve
  • Accountability and email support


Throughout the 6 months

Also included in the programme is membership to a closed Facebook group where Julie will have weekly Q&A sessions.  Questions can be sent in advanced and Julie will film a live video with answers, inspirations and useful information.  This group will also be used to cultivate community and share with others on the programme or the online school course to progress and support each other.  Julie will also post useful articles, blogs and videos by herself and other teachers/mentors she finds inspiring for further resources and information.  

You will also receive via PDF the full Brahmani Yoga Level 2 Teaching Manual as further text to the pre-recorded videos. 

Plus access to the resources list that is filled with books, websites, podcasts, and more by people who have mentored or inspired Julie to continue on this path.  

You will also get discounts for specific retreats / workshops with Julie Martin

  • Access to private Facebook Community of like minded yogis
  • Regular Q&A sessions with Julie on Facebook Community
  • List of ressources including videos, books, articles etc.
  • Full Level 2 Teacher Training Manual
  • Discounts on specific retreats / workshops with Julie Martin



  1. You have completed at least a level one teacher training.  Please give a few details about the school you attended and the style focused on when applying for this programme.  
  2. Your personal time commitment is based on how much you want to get out of the programme.  Being able to set aside at least a few hours per week to explore the information and play with new sequencing and movement ideas will help you process much quicker.  Julie will also give you recommended reading and other videos to watch to help inspire you.
  3. Financial commitment:  £995.00 upfront including all of the above listed information.  Skype session will happen 2 times a month and emails will be regular in terms of questions and answers and feedback.  

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Book a free 30 minute call with Julie and get the chance to personally ask her questions.

Our Videos


4 videos – over 6 hours
These videos are a collection of Julies Masterclass sessions filmed during her Level 2 Teacher Training and advanced workshops and a few were filmed especially for this website.


10 videos – over 9 hours
In this series Julie will take you through the 7 sections of creating a sequence including warm up, transition section and dynamic sections. You will learn how to breakdown sequences for beginners.

Applied Anatomy

4 videos – 6 hours
These videos are here to help you understand how to apply current anatomical principles and knowledge to your embodied and evolving yoga practice. 

Movement Principles

9 videos – 1.5 hour
Over the course of several videos Julie will delve deeper into sequences and poses to help you understand the Brahmani movement principles.

Teaching Skills

7 videos – over 9 hours
In this collection of videos we have some sessions filmed during Julies Level 2 Teacher Trainings and advanced workshops as well as short little inspirational tidbits. From working with beginners, to language skills and Chair Yoga – these sessions will equip you with the right tools to include everyone in your classes and invite anyone to welcome an embodied practice.

Teaching Pranayama

6 videos – 45 mins
In this series of videos, Julie will take you through teaching Pranayama techniques including Ujjay, Tibetan Purification, Nadi Shodhana, Viloma & Sama Vriti.


6 videos – 5 hours
The aim of this collection of videos is to inspire your practice and teaching both on and off the mat. Some of these videos are lectures filmed during Julie’s Teacher trainings or advanced workshops. Others are short and sweet tidbits of insight. Videos include Dharma lectures, a talk on the yoga industry in modern times and more.

More to come

We will add more sessions during the coming months and years. Julie filmed some sessions for an advanced teacher training weekend that will arrive soon. And she will continue to film her level 2 trainings and workshops & investigations for teachers. Yoga is evolving, the practice is evolving and discoveries are being made all the time. 

What Others Say

Knowing myself I hesitated to do an online mentorship but I am so pleased I did!

This whole experience was as if Julie Martin was in my home sharing, listening and practising with me. Her generosity and kindness as well as her honesty and accessibility made our skype and FaceTime meetings very special and in between those I had loads of resources to explore and tasks to work on.

Although I am technically “finished” I am truly just beginning my journey into becoming a more embodied yoga practitioner and teacher with a new language at my disposal and I have material to continue to dive in to for a long time to come as well as Julie to reach out to should the need arise. Best training I ever did!


Yoga Teacher

Teaching & Learning

Feel confident sharing your yoga evolution!

When we are evolving our own practice and then consequently our teaching, the fear of losing students can crop up. We may not find the clear language to help people find more freedom or find ourselves stuck in alignment rules. Sometimes we can let go of structure completely resulting in a sense of being lost or a sense that the class has become ‘wishy washy’ and lacking in the philosophy of yoga. All of these and more can make teachers feel like finding new approaches to the asana and the philosophy is something they can do in their own practice but find it difficult or impossible to share it with their students.

This programme will help teachers move past all these blocks and give them skills to make the transition from what Julie calls “old school” teaching to an embodied and empowered practice. This is through pre-recorded content from the Level 2 Teacher Training Course and other sessions, plus personal mentoring of the process direct with Julie via Skype sessions, email contact and content feedback on video clips you’ll need to send in for review.