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Self Study for Yoga Teachers

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Do you feel the call to change the way you teach?

Now is the time to evolve from strict linear shapes to a more evolved, modern and informed practice. We need to ask ourself why are we not allowing our practice to evolve? Yoga has been evolving for thousands of years – why stick to a dogmatic practice now? Often in our initial teacher trainings we are given a list of cues or structures to stick to.  Now that we, as teachers, we understand more about the body and human movement we need to replace those cues and find a new language for our teaching. We need to look at why moving differently is important. We need to bring anatomy into the moving body and explore range of motion and find freedom in our movement. 

The videos here will take you through the process of understanding how to sequence, how to layer sequences. They will invite you to explore an embodied practice as opposed to a shape based practice. You will learn how to integrate new language skills. Learn how to translate anatomical knowledge into your movement practice with an understanding  of current information on fascia and other anatomical structures and how they work within a movement practice.

Self Study path for teachers

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Access to a growing library of videos – over 36 hours of content and counting! 

Videos collections include: Teaching Skills, Inspirational Lectures, New Movement Principles, Masterclasses, Sequencing, Applied Anatomy and Teaching Pranayama.

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*During the pandemic you get FREE access to Julie’s weekly Live Masterclasses – You can also access the recordings of these classes here on the online school

Our Videos


4 videos – over 6 hours
These videos are a collection of Julies Masterclass sessions filmed during her Level 2 Teacher Training and advanced workshops and a few were filmed especially for this website.


10 videos – over 9 hours
In this series Julie will take you through the 7 sections of creating a sequence including warm up, transition section and dynamic sections. You will learn how to breakdown sequences for beginners.

Applied Anatomy

4 videos – 6 hours
These videos are here to help you understand how to apply current anatomical principles and knowledge to your embodied and evolving yoga practice. 

Movement Principles

9 videos – 1.5 hour
Over the course of several videos Julie will delve deeper into sequences and poses to help you understand the Brahmani movement principles.

Teaching Skills

7 videos – over 9 hours
In this collection of videos we have some sessions filmed during Julies Level 2 Teacher Trainings and advanced workshops as well as short little inspirational tidbits. From working with beginners, to language skills and Chair Yoga – these sessions will equip you with the right tools to include everyone in your classes and invite anyone to welcome an embodied practice.

Teaching Pranayama

6 videos – 45 mins
In this series of videos, Julie will take you through teaching Pranayama techniques including Ujjay, Tibetan Purification, Nadi Shodhana, Viloma & Sama Vriti.


6 videos – 5 hours
The aim of this collection of videos is to inspire your practice and teaching both on and off the mat. Some of these videos are lectures filmed during Julie’s Teacher trainings or advanced workshops. Others are short and sweet tidbits of insight. Videos include Dharma lectures, a talk on the yoga industry in modern times and more.

More to come

We will add more sessions during the coming months and years. Julie filmed some sessions for an advanced teacher training weekend that will arrive soon. And she will continue to film her level 2 trainings and workshops & investigations for teachers. Yoga is evolving, the practice is evolving and discoveries are being made all the time. 

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